Save money and energy in Save money and energy in 2017!

What better time of year to save both your money and energy?


And you know you’re onto a winner when those savings last throughout the year!


That’s exactly how we helped Slaughter and May, a new client of ours, achieve.


They asked us to replace 8 existing primary 50-250 in line circulator pumps with four 1.1 Kw pole motors pumps at their offices in London.

Slaughter and May - Save Money and Energy

Above and Beyond


As Slaughter & May knew what products they were after, it was a straightforward quote…However, we noticed that due to the specific products and their required purpose, new Xylem pumps would better suit the client’s requirements.


£18,570.00 Saving!


The new replacement pool pumps, which we provide with inverter drive recommendations and complete pump replacement, required additional spool pieces to fill the surrounding space, whereas the existing pumps didn’t require any extra modifications.


Despite this extra work and complexity, we were able to replace the 8 existing pumps for new Xylem pumps and save our client £18,570 net profit.

Energy saving-calculations

At 40hz:


  • 24/7 365 days a year
  • 75kw motor saving x £0.10/kwh x 8760 hours


= £3,285.00 saving per year

At 25 hz:


  • 24/7 365 days a year
  • 6kw motor saving x £0.10/kwh x 8670 hours


= £5,781.60 saving per year

All-round efficiency


In four days, we supplied our client with new pumps, spool pieces and lifting gear. Two of our trusted engineers removed and installed each unit, and commissioned and cleared the site of all associated waste.


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