About us

Since 2008, UKS has forged robust partnerships in the commercial building sector, excelling in the provision of hard services. Starting out as a family business, we’ve grown and now specialise in maintenance and installation for commercial heating and air-conditioning systems. We’re a reliable, long-term partner providing specialist care and attention whilst delivering unbeatable value and efficiency to our customers.

Our goal is to ensure your peace of mind, enabling you to concentrate on what really matters. Compliance is a top priority, and we take pride in our excellent health & safety record. We work within a team of professionals that comply with the required safety, testing, and servicing standards. Whether you work within a commercial or industrial environment, we’re your trusted partner, providing energy efficient solutions, tailored to your requirements.

We aim towards simplicity, efficiency, and continuous improvement. We work closely with manufacturers to drive innovation to support your energy transition to net zero.

Company Values

Our company values serve as the guiding principles of our organisation and steer all of our actions and decisions. Integrity lies at the heart of our operations. We conduct our business with the utmost honesty, ensuring that every action is transparent and ethical. In line with this, fair treatment of our customers is an absolute priority.

We respect their needs and expectations, ensuring that each client experiences the best of what we have to offer. We believe in unity and strength in collaboration, reinforcing the ethos, ‘We are stronger together’. By fostering an environment of mutual support and cooperation, we enhance our collective capabilities. The health and safety of our employees and clients is of paramount importance. It is non-negotiable and underpins every aspect of our business operations.

Finally, we’re passionate about playing our part in shaping a better future. We continually strive to minimise our environmental impact and contribute positively to our community. These are the values that make us who we are, guiding us as we pave the way forward in our industry.

UKS leadership team

Conor Haynes, Managing Director

Conor is a seasoned professional with heaps of industry know-how. After completing his degree in Business Economics, he spent the last ten years plunging into every aspect of the UKS business, establishing himself as a strong and noteworthy leader to collaborate with.

Kate Bouchard, Operations Director

Kate has built a career spanning over two decades in the high-end automotive industry, honing her leadership skills in various Operational, Sales, Finance & Project Management roles. With experience both in the UK and abroad, she’s acquired a potent skill set that she’s been applying in the HVAC industry since 2019.

Michelle Haynes, Finance & Procurement Director

Michelle is a founding member of our firm and infuses the same culture, values, and ethos that were there at its inception. Starting her career in financial services in the city, she developed a profound understanding of the HVAC industry, co-founding UKS with her husband Maurice and turning a business opportunity into a thriving enterprise.

Neville Small, Business Development Director

Neville came on board our leadership team in 2023. A trusted figure in the HVAC and building services community, Neville has comprehensive knowledge of the industry and its supply chain, including merchants & manufacturers. He’s the driving force behind our strategy that ensures our business stands strong throughout the energy transition.

Kathryn Herselman, Operations Manager

Kathryn brings a wealth of industry and leadership experience to UKS as an accomplished Operations Manager. Starting her career coordinating field engineering teams in alarm systems, Kathryn spent a successful 16 years at a renowned commercial boiler manufacturer, managing teams within a sales operations department.

Rob Nell, Sales Manager

Rob discovered his passion for our industry while working as an AC Technician in South Africa. He joined UKS after gaining diverse experience in HVAC roles, from Customer Services and Supply Chain Coordination to manufacturer sales.

David Riggall, HR & Compliance Manager

David came to UKS in 2019 to head our governance team, overseeing health & safety, regulatory and industry body compliance. His role includes data privacy compliance monitoring, internal investigations, and policy development, as well as compliance communication, training, and awareness. David has an equal passion for good governance, adherence to regulation and industry guidelines, and fostering our team to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our talented team, each with their unique skills and experience, come together to create an extraordinary force in the HVAC industry, dedicated to delivering excellence and exceeding expectations, every single day.